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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  September 19, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> shut down for hours. sources say they believe a suspicious package was found near the tracks and the package contains human or animal remains. tonight, investigators are now working to figure out how that package got on the track in the first place. this is between the manassas and the burke station stops. tom roussey has the investigation. >> this shot both directions of traffic down. it created quite -- quite a mess. the next station past burke is 8
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miles away in manassas park. their remains were found and it caused a huge headache for a lot of people tonight. this started with a suspicious dishpackage found near the metro. tracks. the folks on this train were told to get off on this station. employees directed passengers where to get home. some experienced delays of several hours. >> i called my family and told them i would not be home for dinner. >> some give vre high marks for how they handled us. >> they let us know what was going on. they arranged for buses. >> this woman was initially upset because she told -- she
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was told the buses were not handicapped accessible, but employees found them -- found her one that was. >> it is a small community and it is terrible. >> as for all you commuters who depend on this line in the morning, the good news is vre is telling us that they should be on schedule tomorrow morning on the manassas line. i am tom roussey. >> a pair of passengers stuck on a metro train for more than an hour. >> both of them spoke with us on their way home this evening after injuring a nightmare.
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the problem unfolded when two trains lost power on two different sections of the red line. jay korff is live at the station now. >> they do not know. metro does not know, either. there is a good deal of anxiety going into the morning commute because the metro is working hard to figure out the problem but they do not know what is wrong. >> two red line trains lost power for no clear reason. it's called an estimated 1000 passengers. >> i was stuck for an hour and a half. >> metro has no idea what caused this. >> we need to find out why we lost power in the first place. >> regular writer adam was trapped and is worried -- rider was trapped and is worried about getting to work.
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>> i will hope for the best. >> dozens were evacuated from cars. an hour later below ground, a packed train slowly came to a full stop. for more than an hour, some 1000 riders were stuck in dark, stuffy cars before power was restored. >> i do not think you have a concern when you get on the train that you will be trapped on the train for hours. i do think you are concerned on a regular basis you will be delayed. >> the number of riders we spoke with remain deeply troubled by the metro's long list of liability los -- reliability woes. >> you are never on time. >> once workers were able to get
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into a power room and read but the system and reenergize that critical surge, the train got power, it was able to move again, and it went back into service. this is a mystery and they have a lot of people trying to solve it. jay korff, abc 7 news. >> thank you. police in the district are searching for a gunman after a man is shot. this happenede man is believed to be critically hurt. an investigation is on the way. a woman is fighting for her life to night after she was stabbed. her attacker remains on the roofsloose. a d.c. high school tomorrow, a suiting that happened this afternoon -- a shooting that
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happened this afternoon. a student was shot but his injuries are not life- threatening. the school's chancellor calls the shooting an isolated incident. investigators are working to learn more about the dispute between the two should -- students. >> sniper attacks. a convicteda sniper wanted to plead guilty to a 2002 crime in d.c., which would be a federal crime. he has been convicted to a state prison in virginia. >> john mccain got choked up while honoring a hero. >> i want to thank you my friend, my friend, for reminding me
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about courage. >> we are talking about someone very special. a democracy leader was given a medal. [applause] she was on a house arrest when she initially got the award in 2008. she got her work today. coming up, two powerful teams join forces to make your commute easier. >> the showdown over the
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>> the showdown >tapesthe showdown
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over tapes. barack obama talking in 1998 about his support about the redistribution of wealth appeared a key talking points for republicans. >> i believe in redistribution. at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody's got a shot. >> tonight, the white house is not commenting on this tape. also, mitt romney's wife was saying her husband was taken out of context. this is about him not being word about the 47 americans -- 47% of americans. >> if you listen to everything he says, he is talking about what we are facing america. if we do not take corrective measures soon, more and more people will become dependent on
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government. that is not what he wants. >> in any event, a number of republicans are distancing themselves from romney's remarks. the latest polls taken before the romney tape has been released all have president obama ahead. >> a murder victim. tonight,>> how do you create another lane of traffic without building one? a bold new idea about one bridge. i am autria godfrey with the details. >> in the weather center, are you ready to head back
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. on your side. >> we are hearing from the mother and sister of a murder victim for the first time. she was a lacrosse player who was murdered by her boyfriend. the mother and sister sat down for an exclusive interview on the new talk show.
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>> did you feel that justice had been served? >> i felt like they took it very seriously. the dna did the best the cut and i think the jury did the best it could. the man was convicted earlier this year. two local counties with a bridge to join forces to relieve traffic -- traffic problems their quest officials want to add an extra lane to each side of the american legion bridge. autria godfrey is live in fairfax county to explain how this could work. >> anyone who lives here in fairfax county but travels to maryland for work knows how it is to try to navigate that section of the beltway.
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to fix that problem, a couple of local people are coming together --. imagine by passing all of that traffic on one of the most constructive corridors. >> it takes one hour to get home. >> it is horrible. there are so many cars on the road. >> roger and sharon are looking at the shoulders for a solution. >> a little more capacity where we feel the space could accommodate it. >> there are people who go around people as it is now. happening now and it is unsafe. >> officials are urging -- urging them to review options for peak hour use of shoulders as exclusive bus lines or opening the shoulder for general purpose traffic. >> it is a legitimate question.
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we use shoulders on i-95. these are manageable issues. >> this man has this route daily on his drive. he is not quite sure the shoulder is the way to go. >> there does not seem to be a lot of room. more lanes, you divide the number of cars that are out there. has to make it go better. >> that is the thought. it is just a proposal now. we have to wait and see what transportation of the jewels think about it. it could at least be an interim solution. live in fairfax county, autria godfrey. >> thank you. no easy solution. >> it was just so pleasant and nice today. >> i am not coming back until you get rid of that nasty weather. >> thank you very much. [laughter]
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>> looked at the sunset we had. that is the one- negative. we are losing over two minutes of daylight each and every day. we approached the equinoxes. our average high today, 78 degrees. still, september was above average. in just a few weeks, our average height is only about 70 degrees. look at our temperatures are now. gaithersburg. 40 degrees. -- 48 degrees. there is an advisory out. there is a frost advisory out tonight. look at the wisp. even ifn gainesboro.
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in back of it generally a high pressure. that is the reason we follow the wild weather of yesterday. even that humid weather. 6:00 in the morning, look at the low temperatures. in the mid 40's. our future cast has kept those temperatures up a bit. warmer. temperatures in the mid-70's. that pattern continues on to the weekend. light showers, late saturday or saturday night. nothing like yesterday. you get up tomorrow and had to school, into the 40's into the suburbs. rapidly, with a strong september sunshine the mid-70's. more of the same on friday. temperatures near 80 degrees.
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saturday, late in the day on saturday, i think that is the next chance for showers. saturday, temperatures in a's. saturday and sunday, an open house at the weather office. >> i will be their bright and early saturday morning. i will tell you more about that tomorrow. >> thank you. >> you have a lot going on. jacqui jeras is part of the other team. she just joined us from cnn. she is a great one. >> we love having her. speaking of great ones, tim brant is here >> i am putting you. . >> the redskins. what a fun night at the ballpark, as the nats plight.
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[ male announcer ] this is america's manufacturaing when president obama took office. this is china's. under o obama, we've lost over half a million manufacturing jobs d for the first time china's beating us. seven times obama could've stopped china's cheating. seven
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times he refused. it's time to stand up to the cheaters and make sure we protect jobs fo the american people. [ male announcer ] barack obama: failing to stop cheating. failing american workers. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> washington is closer to its season appearance. the feeling at the ballpark tonight was electric. the nats won game one. let me take you downtown. the game was wild.
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zimmerman has trouble. the umpire says he crossed first plabase a horrible call. a hit to right field. 6-3. still in the eighth inning. 6-4 game. a single which finds the wholehole. what a comeback. 6-6. a fastball up in the zone. see you later. get it out of here, big fellow. the dodgers win 7-6. ironically, that bad call earlier in the game allowed a dodgers braun that should not have counted -- dodgers run that
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should not have counted. >> evidently no one was paying attention. [indiscernible] he obviously missed it. >> a very frustrated jackson. the redskins went back to work today. they prepare for their first home game of the year. to be honest, the skins have to turn the page and forget what happened. they have to fix what is broken. the defense has given up a hundred yards of offense. they are ranked 28th in the league. >> the lot of it was just kidding. a lot of it was not guys missing tackles. it was at the right place at the right time. it is accountability. you have to spend the extra time.
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you have to be on the same page. >> accountability. with the labor problems in the nhl, the league announced today all nhl preseason games are canceled through september 30. an agreement was reached in russia. as long as there is a lockout. >> we will
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>> we have breaking news coming in from college park. a serious accident the parkway is closed between route 1 and the college park metro station. police are investigating the circumstances surrounding that crash. we have no initial word on "it's
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time to stand up to the cheaters and make sure we protect jobs for e american people." mitt romney? tough on china? romney's companies were called pioneers in shipping us manufacturing jobs overseas. he invested in firms that specialized in relocating jobs to low wage countries like china. even today part of romn's fortune is invested in china. romney's never stood up to china. all he's done is send them our jobs. i'm barack obamna and i approve this message. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater waington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those
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who are making our communities stronger. >> a nice time of the year with cool mornings and warm afternoon. by late saturday may be a passing shower. other than that, temperatures are just about ideal. we put up a blog about wild weather yesterday. [laughter]
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